Assignments for December 23, 2016

Well you made, Winter Recess is here. Take this time to be with your family, rest and reflect on you can improve for next year. Find areas that need improvement and develop a simple plan to make that improvement. Identify your strengths and build on them. You all have something wonderful to offer.

Homework for the Winter Recess: Read chapter 12 during the first week of the break and then re-read during the second week of the break. By read, I mean read the whole thing, like you would a novel in language arts class.

Rest and come back ready to learn in 2017!


Assignments for December 19, 2016

Hello everyone. The first thing you must work on are pages 497-500, problems 2-20 (EVEN). That assignment will be graded first thing Wednesday (12/21). After completing that assignment please take some time to catch up on any missing assignments from chapters 8 and 11. Better a late grade than a zero. Any questions please feel free to email me.

This video will really help bring home the concept of solving systems of equations using elimination. Yamath is a great teacher. He was even invited to give a Ted Talk. <<Video Link Here>>

Assignments for December 13, 2016

Hello. I have posted homework for section 11.1, that assignment is due Thursday December 15, 2016. Log on to the online text and you will see the assignment there. Posted assignments that end in “(Edited)” are graded and posted in the gradebook. Everything else that may appear in the assignment section of the online textbook is for your enrichment. You have three attempts and I accept the highest score. Please do your best. Access the interactive online textbook for further assistance when you are away from class.

Remember that we are having a one question homework quiz (section 11.1) and a three question quiz on chapter 8. Both will be done online during class time. The class notes are posted below.

Class notes for December 13, 2016. Click here.

Assignments for December 1, 2016

If you are having problems using at home or a tablet. Please visit this link and assure that you have the necessary plugins. You can disregard the O/S error.

Hello everyone. Please remember that we have a Mid-Year Assessment on December 5, 2016. The assignment below will act as an excellent review for that test. You may tear out the pages from the workbook or do them on your own paper. Either way they are due at the beginning of class Monday, December 5, 2016.

Page 41, problems 1-7 (all)

Page 95, problems 1-9 (all)

Page 151, problems 1-4 (all)

Page 189, problems 1-6 (all)

Page 235, problems 1-5 (all)

Page 297, problems 1-6 (all)

Page 337, problems 1-5 (all)