Assignments for March 22, 2017

Hello. Please review the notes and refer to the videos in the online textbook. I will be assigning the videos in the text as an assignment. You have to immerse yourself in this content in order to truly get it. Use Desmos as often as you can to predict and see the changes to all type of functions (linear, absolute value and quadratic).

Home learning: Pages 910-915, problems 1-25 (all). This is a double assignments since I am not seeing you this Friday. Please do not do all of the homework in one day. Spread it out over entire long weekend.

See you all Monday.

Edited Note:  After a bit of research I found how to share the new Onenote Class Notes. Please save this link and it will take you to the class notes. You just have make sure you have Onenote installed on your computer or tablet (test that out, you may be able to view them as a webpage, let me know). If you do need to install it. Onenote is a free app for all devices, iPhones, iPads, Androids and Windows devices. Additionally, all Miami-Dade County Public School students are entitles to a free license of Microsoft Office which includes Onenote.

<<Link to class notes>>