Assignments for March 16, 2017

Hello everyone, today was a quick day. Don’t let the number of problems bother you. You will be able to run through them very easily.

Your homework is to complete all the classwork assigned.

Pages 861-862, problems 2-20 (even), pages 872-873, problems 1-19 (odd).


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<<Link to class notes and audio file. Note sure how this will work. The link will download a PDF and a sound file. Let me know how this works.>>

Assignments for March 10, 2017

Hello everyone! Amazing week. We knocked out three sections (all of chapter 18) in one week. We will wrap it up with a review on next Tuesday then cover multiplication and division of polynomials.

Classwork: Pages 835-838, problems 2-21 (odd).


1.  Complete classwork

2. Pages 835-838, problems 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18.

<<Link to Classnotes>>

Assignments for February 13, 2017

Hello. Sorry for the late posting. Please complete the four classwork problems that I assigned in class plus the 9 problem from the online textbook. If you are reading this post, the assignment is online.

Pages 617-621, problems 2, 5, 10 and 16.

Online “13.4 Homework ¬†* EDITED *

Assignments for February 7, 2017

Hooray! The site is back up. The wonderful people at Hostgator will be able to restore the site. I have just added the assignment on the online textbook. I believe it 12 problems and you have 5 attempts and you get the highest score. Unfortunately, the notes will not be available.